How do I add my own campground as a listing?

Click the “submit listing” tab which is located at the top of every page and follow the bouncing tire.

Why should I add my listing?

Ask yourself, “How are people finding me currently?” In today’s day browsing the internet is huge, so be a part of the RV Park website of choice and get found today!

What are the differences between the packages?

Besides costs, each increase in package offers better and better options to be found more.

Does adding a campground cost anything?

Our service is a subscription-based and more info can be found on our submit listings page.

Is the cost a one time or reoccurring fee?

It is a reoccurring yearly fee based on the package you choose.

How do I claim my listing if it is already on the website?

You have two options… either pay for another listing and at the end of that process you will create an account or just go to sign in and register as a new user. Then go to the listing in question and click the claim listing button at the top right of the page.

How do I get my listing featured?

Choosing the Route 66 package when submitting a listing is how you get it featured.