The RV is designed to be a home away from home. Sometimes, in long drives across the country, you may be looking for things to keep you or your family occupied. The rule of thumb here is, that since it is your home away from home, you can do many of the same things you do at home!

Some RVs come with a table large enough for people to gather around. This is a great place to play games with your family or friends. Bring some games or cards, especially if there are kids on board.

Some RVs have TVs with a TV service, but many do not. If not, you can bring a TV and DVD player with you to watch movies together, though you may also want to use this “uninterrupted” time to talk or do other activities.

Try catching up on some reading. Curling up to read a book in an RV is like curling up on your couch at home. It can also be a great place to read as the countryside goes by.

These are some tips for activities to do in an RV, but here is the most important one: Stop often! The best thing to do in an RV is to stop and get out and explore! Many of those who travel by RV don’t remember the time driving, but the times they stop and make memories.


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