Anytime is a good time for an RV trip.

Need more? Ok, but it’s true, there is no bad time to take a drive.

Each time of year has it’s pros and cons, but no month is prohibitive. Summer is a good time because the weather and nice and the kids are out of school, but depending on when and where you are, it can be a little too hot. Plus, if your kids are out of school, everyone else’s kids are out of school too, making the roads a little busier.

The winter is a good time because the roads are little quieter, and the weather in the southern part of the country is nice. However, in the north it can be a little trickier to drive in the winter.

It seems that a popular time to go for a drive is in May and June. At this time, the kids are getting out of school, the other vacationers kick-starting their Fourth of July aren’t out yet, and the weather is warm but not too hot yet.

Another popular time is September and October. Here, kids are back in school, the vacations are starting to die down, and the summer warmth is still there but starting to cool down.

Again, anytime is good time for a trip, but the next time you are planning one, be sure to think about it so you will get the best time with your RV as possible!

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